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As we again come to that special time of year, calling to mind the Birth of the Lord Jesus, we join with so many believers and other people of good will in thanking God for the gift of His Son who brought God’s love into our world in a new and unique way, we pray that the Word-made-flesh will lavish his blessings upon all people and strengthen us to begin the new year with a true desire to seek peace and justice.
+Ronald P. Herzog,
Bishop of Alexandria

St. Nicholas of Myra lived and acquired his reputation for sanctity long before the Church began its formal process of beatification. He became recognized as a saint by a kind of popular acceptance.

Historians and hagiographers generally write that much of what is said about Nicholas is legend. Again, remember that at Nicholas's time there were no investigation and authentication of claimed miracles before canonization took place. Attributing miracles and wonders to a person was an ancient way of expressing people's conviction about the holiness of the person.