Go and Make Disciples

We witness Christ’s love and
compassion in our daily lives.

Our mission as a community of
faith flows from  the risen Christ’s love

and is nourished through prayer,
good work and presence. 

His love enables us to bear witness
to Him as we follow His great commission

to Go and Make Disciples.

The Annual Diocesan Appeal asks each of us to recognize that we are all part of a larger diocesan Church that transcends personal and parish boundaries. We have an extraordinary responsibility to provide for the poor, address parish needs, enhance our children’s religious education, encourage vocations, and support the many other good ministries of our Diocese.

Each year, the lives of thousands of men, women and children have been transformed, enriched and renewed by the programs, services and ministries brought to life by your gifts to the annual appeal. It is your caring spirit and commitment to our Catholic faith that makes our community of faith so strong and vibrant.

Serving our faithful by:
  •  Providing priests through our vocations office.

  •  Training deacons through our diaconate program.   
  •  Assisting parishes and schools in the formation of our young people in the faith.
  •  Providing instructional support and programs that reinforce Catholic teaching.
  •  Keeping college aged adults engaged in the Faith through our campus ministry office.
  •  Education, formation and training for parish religious education teachers.

By nourishing the ministries and mission of the Diocese of Alexandria, we share our faith with others and Go and Make Disciples.

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