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The Diocese of Alexandria has a rich history in our loving service to Christ the Lord and His Church. We are united in faith and in our love for the land and the many cultures of this diverse portion of Christ’s Catholic Church. We can recognize this diversity with the four Deaneries or groupings that comprise our seventy one parishes and missions.

We recognize ourselves in the Catholic parishes and missions of the Natchitoches Deanery, where the cultures born around the Cane River and Red River form an extraordinary diversity, a quilt of cultures along with the beauty of the Lord’s good earth that stretches toward Shreveport.

We recognize ourselves in the Catholic parishes and missions within the Eastern Deanery. Though they are fewer in number, they are like the river cities formed alongside the mighty Mississippi, amidst the wealth and the poverty of the Delta.

We recognize ourselves in the cities and small towns of the Central Deanery. In the See city of Alexandria and in the many communities of central and western Louisiana, we live our Catholic faith within a varied mixture of religious cultures that make up this portion of our Diocese.

We recognize ourselves in the many Catholic parishes and missions of The Avoyelles to the south. In this heavily Catholic area of our Diocese, we see our history being played out in the diversity of our schools and parishes and missions. The Avoyelles Deanery and to an extent, all of our deaneries, share with us a taste of what has gone before in our French, Spanish and Native American heritage.

With all of this diversity, this uniqueness, how are we one Diocese? As the shepherd sent to you by Pope Francis, my work…our work….is to weave together our beautiful diversity with the thread that unites us, that makes us one people, one Diocese…and this thread… Christ the Lord.

As I begin my service as your Bishop, I ask you to join me in supporting the 2017 Annual Diocesan Appeal. As you may have heard during the weekend Masses before the beginning of Lent, my hope is to work with you in bringing about a renewal of heart in the seventy one Catholic communities that make up our Diocese. The dollars from the 2017 Appeal will assist me in what needs to be done, in assisting our schools, our parishes and missions, our seminarians, our families and those that live on the margins of faith and need our words      of encouragement.

I will pledge a portion of my “treasure” to our 2017 Annual Diocesan Appeal. I ask each of you to assist me by offering your pledge…a sacrificial pledge…to the work of weaving Christ’s community together, in faith and in hope and in love. To seek the new heart and the new spirit promised by the Lord, what better time to begin than in holy Lent.

Let us begin again…in generosity…in faithfulness.

For more information about the Annual Diocesan Appeal contact Cole Churchman, (318) 445-6424, ext. 220.