Most days, I arrive at the Chancery office while it’s still dark outside. I will come into my office, turn on the lights and the computer, and prepare to begin the work of the day. If I hadn’t prayed the Liturgy of the Hours at home before coming to the office, I’ll pray the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer…and then get to work.

Weeks ago, in late September, I came in on a Wednesday as usual…about 5:15 AM. I had already prayed…and was beginning to read my correspondence and catch up with e-mails….when a thought came to me…to remember the Presence of the Lord.

When that internal thought came to my mind and heart….to remember the Presence of the Lord, I immediately looked out my window….to see if I could see the Tabernacle lamp of the Chapel shining in the darkness of the early morning….were the Presence of the Living Bread is kept.  You see, the window in my office looks out over a small courtyard garden; and, just on the other side of the small courtyard is the Chapel of the Chancery, with walls of glass. During the day, I am able to see the seats and the Altar and the Tabernacle of the Chapel. With the darkness of the early morning, I thought I would be able to see the flicker of the candle…announcing His Presence.

But I didn’t see that flickering red light. The problem was….with my office lights on, I could see nothing through my window…except the reflection of my office in the glass of the window. So, I turned off my computer and turned off the office lights. Then….with my office darkened…to match the darkness of early morning…. Saw the lamp…and the silent flickering of the candle….and the red glow…announcing the Presence of the Lord.

After pondering the sight of the flickering light in the darkness and thanking the Holy Spirit for the prompting given….I realized the lesson that was given in this small Epiphany. The Presence of the Lord in all the Tabernacles of the world is there to feed those unable to attend holy Mass, there for our adoration. But the Presence of the Lord is not limited to these Tabernacles. We are tabernacles of the Lord’s Presence. In his letter to the Christian community in Corinth (1 Corinthians 3.16), St. Paul writes to them…and us….do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?

The lesson that I share with you? YES, the Spirit of God lives within each of us through the grace of Baptism. But please remember that often times, in order to be present to the Presence, you need to turn off the distractions and anxieties of the day (as I turned off the office lights that morning in September)….and ponder anew the silent flickering of Love….that lives within each soul.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
(For The Greater Glory of God)