Msgr. John Timmermans celebrated the 65th anniversary of his ordination March 11 at the 9:30 Mass at Sacred Heart Church Moreauville with fellow priests and parishioners.

A reception followed in the church hall.

John M. Timmermans was born on November 30, 1924 in Made, Province of North-Brabant, Netherlands. His parents were Johannes Timmermans and Maria Mechtilda Timmermans-Lommers. He had four brothers and a sister. 

After finishing elementary school in his hometown, he spent six years in the St. Joseph Protector Seminary at St. Anthonis, Netherlands from which he graduated. He completed his course of philosophy at the University of Nijmegen and theology at the Diocesan Theologicum of Den Bosch at Haaren. Upon completion of his studies he was ordained by the Most Rev. William, J.P.M., Mutsaerts, Bishop of Den Bosch in the Cathedral Basiclica of St. John in Den Bosch, Holland on December 20, 1952.

After his ordination Fr. Timmermans worked in the parish of Hooge Zwaluwe for more than a year and assisted in a disastrous flood of 1953 during which more than 2,000 people drowned. Having survived as a seminarian the World War II, he had promised to devote his priesthood in the service of a missionary country.

He left his native country for the United States and arrived in New Orleans on March 7, 1954. Bishop Charles Greco appointed him as the assistant pastor at St. Frances Xavier Cathedral in Alexandria for two years and again as assistant pastor at St. Catherine’s Church in Shreveport where he remained for four years.

In November 1959 Bishop Greco appointed Fr. Timmermans as the 14th pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Moreauville and retired from the same church on July 1, 1993 after a wonderful pastoral ministry for 34 years.

In his long term of service he also served as the pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows Church for many years. He has worked hard to build up Sacred Heart Church, Sacred School, St. John’s Village and Our Lady of Sorrows Church and continues to remain active vibrant as a priest being a beacon of light to Moreauville Community.