Married Couples Retreat

The Married Couples Retreat is offered to spouses.  The purpose of the retreat is to provide an opportunity for spouses to retreat together.  It is a day and a half to be spiritually renewed, rejuvenated, and refreshed in your marriage.   Attending this retreat does not mean that your marriage is in jeopardy or someone is failing in their role as husband or wife.  Attending this retreat is to do something amazing for each other and your marriage.  It is to spend time with God together. 


Lynn Ray

Campus Ministry, Coordinator

(318) 473-6494
8100 Hwy. 71 South, Alexandria, LA 71306

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is provided at LSU of Alexandria, Louisiana College, Pineville, and Northwestern State University, Natchitoches. Contact any University or the Office of Religious Formation and Training for more information.

LSU of Alexandria
Catholic Student Organization
8100 Hwy 71 South, Alexandria, LA
Rev. Charles Ray
Campus Minister:
Lynn Ray
Phone: (318) 473-6494

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