In 1952, at the request of Miss Maude and Miss Kate Clark, residents of Tioga, with Monsignor Paul E. Conway, Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Pineville, plans were formulated to begin a Mission Church in the area.  At the request of Monsignor Conway, a plot of land for the Church was donated by Mr. Sam Allen of Tioga.  The Church was constructed by parishioners under the direction of architect Mr. Harold DeKeyser and Father Patrick Donohoe, who was the first priest to look after the needs of the mission. 

The mission Church was named Immaculate Heart of Mary in accord with the wishes of its principal benefactors, Miss Ester Murray and her sister Miss Daisy Murray of New York City, who contributed their initial founding gift through the Catholic Church Extension Society of Chicago.

On March 12, 1971, Immaculate Heart of Mary Mission Church was partitioned from Sacred Heart Parish in Pineville and established as a new parish with its own pastor.  Father Wilbur Cloutier was appointed first Pastor of the new parish and resided at Maryhill Seminary until the rectory in Allen Hall was built.

On March 25, 1972, the Feast day of Mary's Annunciation, ground was broken by Bishop Charles P. Greco, D.D. for the construction of Allen Hall. The hall was designed to provide a rectory, offices, and classrooms.  Bishop Charles P. Greco, D.D., dedicated the Allen Hall on February 25, 1973. From May 1975 through Spring 1977, the church underwent extensive renovations. A new vestibule was constructed in 1981 and two new sandstone altars and a sandstone lectern were erected in the Sanctuary.  A new rectory was built on the grounds in 1986; unfortunately, due to foundation issues, this rectory was abandoned in 2011 and a new rectory was purchased in a local neighborhood. 

The theme of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church is Living Water. This is represented by the sandstone altar, lectern, tile floor and stained glass windows. The colors evoke images of earth and water. The window on the west side of the church, in blues and greens, depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus from which flows streams of running water, representing the seven sacraments. The east window captures the sunny shades of gold and red, announcing rejuvenation with each rising sun. The depiction represents the Immaculate Heart of Mary, her purity symbolized by the lilies resting near her heart. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church has long served a mostly rural, scattered population.

Throughout its history, dedicated and talented parishioners have given many hours of their time to renovate and maintain the church and surrounding grounds. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church is truly a community of people seeking a more complete union with God.


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