Organizations & Ministries

Knights of Columbus meets once a month-every first Monday of the Month.  These parishioners do a lot in the Church and also in the community; they are very much involved in outreach activities which include but not limited to helping raise funds for special Olympics, cooking benefit dinners for the sick and the needy and doing manual work at the Church premises, also offering daily prayers for the protection of human life and for the defense of Christian Marriage.

Altar Society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  They too are involved in outreach activities which include cooking meals for all the seniors who live in the area regardless of their religious affiliation.  They help take care of all Church linen and cleaning of the Church.  Sometimes they help serve meals at Manna house in Alexandria.
Our CCD students participate actively in Church every other Sunday  at the 10:30 morning Mass as Lectors, Altar Servers, Ushers, and Giftbearers.

We sponsor VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL every summer and between 25-40 kids participate. We organize annual outing for them, whereby they spend a day away from the Parish in what we call a learning and fun-filled experience.

Ministry to the sick and homebound:  The sick and the homebound have the opportunity to receive the sacraments whenever they request them. The Eucharist and the sacrament of Confession are available to them on the days of their choice.

The First Friday of each month there is afternoon Eucharistic Adoration beginning at 2:00 until time of Benediction at 5:00. The faithful are encouraged to take advantage of this spiritual exercise.

Our weekday Masses are celebrated at 7:30 am from Tuesday to Friday. They are preceded by devotional prayers.


The church is located at 1315 Egg Bend Road, approximately eight miles north of Marksville in the rural community of Fifth Ward, also known as Egg Bend. Back in the 1840's the steamboat, "Valley Queen," made monthly runs from New Orleans to various landings along the Red River, bringing supplies to the farmers along the route.

The people would gather on the banks at the bend of the river, which was approximately three miles downsteam from the Avoyelles/Rapides parish line. They would bring pails, baskets and boxes of eggs along with locally grown produce to trade for sugar, coffee and calico.

The crew of the "Valley Queen" began to call the landing, and subsequently the settlement, "Egg Bend." To this day, the name remains on the U.S. Corp of Engineer's, the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey's and the Louisiana Department of Transportation Traffic and Planning Division's maps for the civil parish of Avoyelles.

Our Lady of Lourdes began as a mission of St. Francis de Sales Church in Echo. In 1925 Father Joseph Jacquet', a missionary priest from France, built the first church with the help of five men: Christopher Kelone, Maurice Neck, Ulyssess Lemoine, Cicero Bonnette and Jacques Guillot. Before completion of the church, Fr. Jacquet' died. He requested that he be buried next to his little church.

In 1948, Bishop Charles P. Greco consented to make the Egg Bend area a church parish. He purchased a building from Camp Claiborne after World War II and converted it into a rectory for the church.





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