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600 LAKEVIEW ST., PINEVILLE, LA 71360-7519

(Take Shamrock Exit from Pineville Expressway and follow signs to Downtown Pineville; turn on Lakeview Street)

Attendant during office hours: 318-445-2496

Automated 24/7: 318-445-2497

Sacramental Emergency: 318-445-2497 ext 5

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Active Involvement by the Laity in Leadership

Opportunities for Stewardship of Time and Talent

A Consistent Stewardship of Treasure

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Daily and Sunday Bible Readings

Has Sunday and daily readings just as they appear in the Lectionary or Missalette.

Reflecting on Sunday's Readings

Choose the file name with NAB (New American Bible). This translation is the one that is read in church. (There is no St. Joseph or St. Jerome Bible translations. These names are titles given by the publishers for their styles. The NRSV is a good translation as well, but is not the one you will hear at Mass.

The Complete Bible and Resources

Biblical Pronunciation Guide

APPS for Smart Phones:

Laudate is the #1 Catholic App and has absolutely every prayer and just about anything else that anyone can imagine.

iBreviary TS has the exact Breviary or Office as it is prayed in the USA (Laudate has the British version); it has a few rituals Laudate lacks. More Apps

Ten Commandments Examination of Conscience

Catechism of the Catholic Church Online and Fully Searchable

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Welcome. Have you been away from church? Are you thinking about coming back? Do you know someone who wants to come home to the Catholic Church, but is struggling with their faith? Maybe you or someone you know has experienced one of these thoughts:

I grew up Catholic, but for some reason I just sort of stopped going to Church…

I just moved to this area, I tried going to a couple different parishes, but I never really felt welcomed...

After my marriage ended, I felt uncomfortable around my family, friends and parish…

I just don't understand why the Church teaches what it does! Some teachings seem so outdated…

If you have experienced one of these situations or thoughts, you are not alone. This loving parish family wants you to know that you are a child of God, called by name, precious in his eyes and loved by him (Is. 43:1,4). Remember what God has to say to you through the Prophet Jeremiah: For I know well the plans I have in mind for you … plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope (Jer. 29:11).

This church also wants you to know that you are missed. When one member of the Body of Christ suffers, this parish family suffers.


Understanding the Bible

FAQ'S about the Bible



The Body and the Blood of Christ really? Really!

Common Catholic Prayers

Paryers and Devotions

How to Pray the Rosary




Eucharist + The Mass

The Body and Blood of Christ Really? Really!

Becoming Catholic as an Adult

Penance (Reconciliation)

+ Ten Reasons to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliaiton +

Anointing of the Sick +



+ Getting Married + Local Resources +

+ Wedding During Mass Planning Form +

+ Wedding Outside of Mass Planning Form +

+ Marriage Annulment  + The Holy Father Speaks +

Holy Orders 


Bereavement and Funerals

+ Funeral Planning Form +

Universal Prayer Options for Funerals +


The Symbol (Creed)


Social Teaching

Blessed Mary and the Saints


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