Although St. Joseph's Parish was officially organized in 1869, records date the Church in Avoyelles back to 1796. Many of today's parishioners are descendants of families whose names are in the original books of the Church.

A frame church served the parishioners until Msgr. Van der Putten had the present brick structure built in 1927.


Your prayers are requested for the sick of our parish. 

St. Joseph Church Adult Choir   

St. Joseph Parish has always taken great pride in its choir. The Adult Choir sings regularly at the 8:00A.M.  Sunday Mass. Rehearsals are held after 5:00 P.M. Mass on Monday evenings in the weeks from Labor Day through the Feast of Pentecost. During the Summer months the Choir does not ordinarily meet for Rehearsals, as the music for Mass will include simpler hymns.

Music is chosen to correspond with the Gospel readings and particular season or occasion. Cantors who are choir members assist at the sanctuary side podium in inviting the assembly to join in the various hymns sung during Mass. They announce the hyms, with numbers, found in the Journey Songs hymnal.

Our Choir is under the direction of Justice Jeanette Knoll and organist Dr. Paula Childress. For more info or if you are interested in joining the Adult Choir, Please contact Director Jeanette Knoll.

St. Joseph Church Altar Servers

Any boy or girl who has completed their first communion may become an altar server. The server assists the priest in the celebration of the liturgy, while learning leadership skills at an early age and practicing the stewardship of time and talent in serving God. It is both a privilege and a blessing to serve God at the altar.

Altar Servers assist at regular weekend Masses and also on occasion for special services, such as weddings, Christmas or Holy Week Liturgies, and the celebration of confirmation. At regular Masses, there are two servers scheduled to tend to carring the processional cross, holding the sacramentary book, bringing to altar the bread and wine, washing the celebrant's hands and ringing the bells at consecrations. At special services, there may be up to six servers scheduled, in which case they may also tend to carrying the thurible (incense vessel), boat (holds Incense grains) and processional candles, or when the Bishop is presiding, holding the miter (Bishop's hat) and crosier (Bishop's staff). Usually, a rehearsal is held earlier in the week for special services.

At St. Joseph Altar servers wear a white alb provided by the church, and colored cinctures to match the priest's vestment: green, gold, red or purple. A monthly schedule is mailed out, along with roster of names. If a server cannot be present for the assigned time, he or she is asked to arrange in advance for someone to substitute.

Periodic training is held for new altar servers. A summer fun event is held for servers, such as ab arbeque and swimming party. This is an enriching ministry for any boy or girl. For more info. or if you are interested in becoming an altar server, please contach Jennifer Dauzat (240-7025) or the Church Office (253-7561).

St. Joseph Church C.C.D. Program       

Our C.C.D. Program's main focus is the faith formation of young people of the Parish in Grades Kindergarten through 11. The Program strives to proclaim Christ's message, build community, develop good prayer and worship habits, and motivate children to serve others and cherish human life as a gift from God.

C.C.D. Classes are held weekly in the Parish Hall and classrooms during the academic school year. Classes for Grades K-5 are held after school on Wednesday afternoon; and Classes for Grades 6-11 are held after the 5:00P.M. Sunday Mass. Through special Elementary Class and Jr. and Sr. High Youth Masses, we strive to make the essential connection between Catechesis, learning the Faith, and Liturgy, celebrating the Faith especially through participation in Sunday Mass. In these Masses your serve where needed in the various ministries of Lector, Altar Server, Gift Bearer, Usher and Youth Choir.

The Sacraments of First Reconcillation and First Eucharist are usually celebrated during a child's Second Grade year. Preparation for these Sacraments is a two-year process, with children being registered in both First and Second Grade C.C.D. Classes. Through the ministry of Priests, the Lord Jesus forgives sins in Reconcillation, renewing our love of God and neighbor. First Reconcillation is held in the weeks prior to First Eucharist.

St-Joseph-classroom2.jpg   The Sacrament of Confirmation is ordinarlly celebrated in the Junior year of High School. It completes initiation with the added Gifts of the Holy Spirit for a life of Christian witness and service. The Bishop administers this Sacrament at a Mass held usually on a weekday evening after Easter.

Preparation for Confirmation presumes the student has been attending C.C.D., or Catholic School religion classes, since First Eucharist. All students wishing to be confirmed must complete two consecutive years of C.C.D. Confirmation Classes including the requirements of 20 Service Hours per year (15 hours of church service and 5 of community service) and an In-Parish Retreat. Each candidate chooses a Sponsor by late Winter; he or she is a Confirmed, actively practicing Catholic who is not a parent or immediate relative of the candidate. Reherarsals for these Sacraments are usually held the day before celebration, with Confirmation Sponsors and Candidates being asked to attend both the rehearsal and ceremony.

St-Joseph-classroomBLURRY.jpg   Additionally, C.C.D. youth benefit from Respect life activities, praying together Lenten Stations of the Cross, Advent and Lenten Penance Services and other seasonal or class activities. In the Spring a special Baccalaureate Mass is held for Graduating Seniors wearing cap and gown.

St. Joseph Church Christmas Events

Christmas Youth Events include the Christmas Play that reenacts the Gospel Scene of the Nativity of Our Lord: the Annunciation to Mary, Jesus' Birth and the Visitation of Wise Men and Shepherds. The Play is performed at the 4:00 P.M. Christmas Vigil Mass by C.C.D. youth in various grades. This is a blessed performance for both youth involved and the whole Parish community. We begin recruiting Cast members in October, with practice starting in November through the time of the Play.


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