Welcome to St. Juliana Catholic Church.  We are a unique, medium sized parish located in the city of Alexandria, Louisiana at 900 Daspit Street.  We invest in the liturgical celebrations with a variety of music provided by our Love Choir.  We invite you to share in our journey of love with our church family.

Our Mission Statement

We are a Catholic community of God's people guided by the Holy Spirit to bring His message of love within and beyond our parish through worship, teaching and stewardship.

After Mass the members of St. Juliana fellowship come together with one another and with visitors, making them feel welcome and at home in our parish.  Eucharistic ministers of the Church visit the sick and bring communion to our parish families residing at home or in area nursing homes


This sacrament is the basic for every other sacrament of the church.  We have a baptismal team under the direction of Mrs. Andrea VanBuren.  They visit and discuss the baptismal role with the parents and godparents of the child to be baptized.  This is done every quarter or by appointment.


Parish Council -- Mr. Tommy Milo -- 445-8743
Finance Council -- Mr. Levator Boyd -- 445-3540
Choir Director -- Mr. Paul Desselle -- 442-5373
Organist -- Mrs. Whitney Hammond -- 473-4092
Director of Religious Education/CCD -- Mrs. Angela Lee -- 613-8773

Fund Raising Projects


History Highlights

St. Juliana Parish was officially erected in 1959.  Father Leger Tremblay was the pastor and founder of the parish.  Christmas Midnight Mass was the first ceremony to be offered in the new church.

J.A. Bennett, Neil Daspit and Chester Wells donated five and one-half acres of land for the new church.  At that time the parishioners of St. Juliana Church were all of Caucasian race.

As integration became a major issue in our country, it also affected the church.  St. Juliana gradually became a mixed White/Black congregation and in the early 1970's a predominately Black congregation, as it remains today.

In 1970, under the spiritual leadership of Msgr. Henry Thompson, St. Juliana was dedicated anew.  As the Eucharist is and always will be the reason we celebrate, the young families wanted more of the African-American culture as part of the Mass.  Gospel music played a great part in this change.  In 1975, under the direction of Msgr. Thompson and Mr. Paul Desselle, Jr. the Love Choir was founded and is still in existence today.  Msgr. Henry Thompson remained at St. Juliana until 1978.

Other leaders, organizations and developments that highlighted the history of St. Juliana over the years are as follows:

1977 -- Holy Family Mission became a part of St. Juliana

1978 -- Fr. Kenneth A. Williams, pastor of St. Juliana/Holy Family

1979 -- Renovation of St. Juliana and Holy Family Churches

1982 -- Appointment of First Eucharistic Ministers

1983 -- Deacon Raymond Jones, deacon of St. Juliana/Holy Family

1984 -- Msgr. Charles Jeckler, pastor of St. Juliana/Holy Family

1985 -- Knights of St. Peter Claver, Council 268 formed by Mr. Henry LaCour, Sr.

1986 -- Ladies of St. Peter Claver, Court 268 formed by Ms. Betty LaCour

1987 -- Fr. Kenneth Matthew, pastor of St. Juliana/Holy Family

1988 -- Remodeling of St. Juliana's rectory and church

1991 -- Fr. August Thompson, pastor of St. Juliana and St. James-First African-American pastor.  Religion program for St. Juliana and St. James combined

1993 -- Renew began.  Kumba Center remodeled and dedicated

1994 -- Fr. Nicholas Obi, assistant pastor for St. Juliana and St. James

1997 -- Fr. Vincent Manuel, pastor of St. Juliana and St. James

2000 -- Sister Linda Anne Ranard becomes Executive Director of Kumba Center

2001 -- Groundbreaking Ceremony for new Activity Building/New Activity Building dedicated at St. Juliana

2002 -- Fr. August Thompson retires

2004 -- Fr. Jason Gootee begins ministry as pastor of St. Juliana

2005 -- Founder of the Knights of St. Peter Claver 268, Mr. Henry LaCour, passed away

2006 -- Fr. James Foster, pastor of St. Juliana

2007 -- Fr. Remigius Owuamanam, pastor of St. Juliana and St.James/Fr. Ignatus Achiazulonwa Ibe assistant pastor until June of 2008

2009 -- Celebration of St. Juliana's Golden Jubilee



Administrative Staff

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