St. Margaret's history dates back to the early days of St. Francis Xavier Church in Alexandria. Under Fr. Robert Doogan a mission station was established at a small landing called Cotile. Under Fr. Menard a new frame chapel was built in the Cotile community.

In 1932, Fr. Maure moved the chapel to its present site when new levee construction was begun after the 1927 flood. Local tradition says that each piece of the old church was numbered during the dismantling to ease the reconstruction on the new site. The church was reassembled on land donated by Mrs. Irene Boyce Wettlemark.

The first Mass was offered by Fr. Maure on Easter Sunday, 1936. In that same year, Bishop Desmond invited the Dominican Fathers to work in the Boyce/Cotile area.

Fr. George Scanlon, O.P., a young former army chaplain, was assigned to the parish. Through his efforts two Dominican sisters came to teach catechism and help in the work of the missions. In time, as the load grew heavier, another Dominican, Fr. Carpentier, was sent to assist Fr. Scanlon. Shortly after his arrival, Fr. Scanlon was killed in a car accident as he was returning from an Army chaplains' meeting.

In the years that followed, new missions were established in Flatwoods, Marco, Monet Ferry, Gorum and Emmanuel. All of these communities are located in an area of 2,100 square miles in the piney woods of the Kisatchie Forest. In 1954, Bishop Greco founded the Marian Sisters of Dominican Catechists as a diocesan congregation devoted to catechetical instruction.

In the early 1960's, the interior of St. Margaret's Church was renovated.

In 1968, a contract was signed for the construction of a new church which was dedicated by Bishop Greco on October 21, 1969.

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