St. Mary’s is a small town Catholic Community in Jena, Louisiana, with an average Mass attendance of 35-50 people. Our parish church is a cozy building with a sense of home about it, yet elegant and beautiful, especially with the entrance doors and stained-glass windows.

Our parishioners are welcoming and enthusiastic. Consisting mainly of families and single people, it is a parish in transition, rediscovering its uniqueness in the heart of a predominantly non-Catholic area. We look forward to the future at St. Mary’s with great excitement for our community and the hopes of its growth and vibrancy in the greater Jena area.

St. Mary’s is continuing to develop opportunities for people to serve their Catholic community as well as participate more actively in the wider LaSalle parish community. With a diverse congregation and a broad spectrum of talents and interests, everyone seems to be able to find some way to fit in and be part of our community life here at St. Mary’s.


Thirty minutes before Masses and anytime by appointment.

Spiritual/Social Programs

At St. Mary’s, the parishioners pray the Rosary every Sunday.

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month, we have a parish dinner after Mass on Sunday Mornings. It is a potluck style after Mass event and almost everyone stays after to enjoy a Sunday meal together.

Each May, celebrating the intercession of our patroness, St. Mary’s has a special May crowning, on or around Mother’s Day as well as our annual parish picnic.

Most Wednesdays, we have CCD before Mass for Pre-K and Kindergarten at St Mary's and for 1st-6th grade at St. Edward's. The program is run by a group of dedicated parents whose children benefit from the presence of this program.

Join us for “The Study of the Bible” on Tuesday’s at 10 am at St. Edward’s and at 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s.


Mass Ministries are available for those interested in participating in the Mass in a unique way: lectors, Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, music ministry, altar servers, and ushers.

St. Mary’s Altar Society, is a very active organization open to men and women who would like serve by the maintenance of the Sacred Spaces of the Church and the seasonal atmosphere and décor of the grounds and the Church. The Altar Society maintains a small religious articles store that is available after Mass on Sundays.

We also have a homebound ministry that provides contact for our parishioners who are unable to come to Mass or are in the hospital or local nursing home.

Administrative Staff

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