In the period from 1915-1918, a wooden chapel was built at Kleinwood and placed on the property of Telisma Ponthieu. Mass was held an average of twice a month for area residents of Big Bend and Kleinwood. Priests from St. Peter’s Church in Bordelonville served this chapel.

In the early 1950’s, Father Adrian Molenschot, assistant pastor of Sacred Heart in Moreauville, served St. Michael’s.

St. Michael’s became a separate parish in 1964. Father Theodore Leliveld was the pastor and continued to serve for the next 11 years. Father Ted also served the mission chapel of St. Catherine’s in Big Bend.

On May 22, 1967, Riley Bordelon donated a lot measuring 420’by 105’ at the beginning of Rexmere Lane to replace the wooden chapel at Kleinwood.

In the early 1970’s a brick building was erected to replace the old building which is still in use for community affairs. (Voting precinct #2 for Ward 6 is designated here). The hand painted stations of the cross, painted by Father Ted, are still there today. Father Ted  later met an untimely death elsewhere on October 21, 1976. He is buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

Over the next decades the population began to shift and most of the area’s parishioners began to attend Mass at St. Peter’s. The resident pastors of St. Peter’s continue to serve St. Michael’s.

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