Diocesan Administration

Diocese of Alexandria

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 7417  •  Alexandria, LA 71306-0417

Physical Location: 4400 Coliseum Blvd  •  Alexandria, LA 71303-3597

Receptionist: (318) 445-2401

Auto-attendant: (318) 445-6424

Toll Free: (866) 447-7088

FAX: (318) 448-6121



Diocesan Bishop:

Most Rev. Ronald P. Herzog

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext. 201

Fax: 318-767-1230

Email: rherzog [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Coordinating Staff

Vicar General:

Rev. Scott Chemino, J.C.L., V.G.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext. 223

Email: frschemino [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Episcopal Vicar for Administration:

Rev. Bruce Miller, J.C.L., E.V., J.V.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 261

Fax: 318-767-0872

Email: frbmiller [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Chief Financial Officer:

David Brook, C.P.A.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 215

Email: dbrook [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Director of Catholic Charities and Special Ministries:

Fr. Rick Gremillion

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext. 226

Email: frgrem [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Superintendent of Catholic Schools:

Thomas Roque, Sr.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 227

Email: troque [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Director of Development and Public Affairs:

Ann Masden

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 209

Email: amasden [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Director of Religious Formation and Training:

Rev. Joy Retnazihamoni

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 259

Email: frjretnazihamoni [at] diocesealex [dot] org



Rev. Chad Partain, Chancellor

Tel. 318-445-6424 Ext. 228

Email: frcpartain [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Secretary to the Bishop:

Deborah Deorosan

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 201

Fax: 318-767-1230

Email: ddeorosan [at] diocesealex [dot] org