Tuesday, April 25

Feast of Mark, evangelist

An early and enduring giant

Saint Mark the evangelist was one of the first 70 disciples. He is believed to have written the Gospel of Mark, our earliest gospel. But he didn’t stop there. He also founded the Church of Alexandria in Egypt back in the year 42, a few years after Jesus’ death. Alexandria became one of the great centers of early Christianity. Today three churches claim to be the direct heirs of the original Church of Alexandra: Coptic Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, and Coptic Catholic. Saint Mark looms large behind them all, a giant of our tradition. Take him as your inspiration as you write your own “gospel” by living your faith in the world.

Today’s readings: 1 Peter 5:5b-14; Mark 16:15-20 (555).
“They went forth and preached everywhere.”

LCCB hope to abolish Louisiana's death penalty

It is time to affirm life without exception: The death penalty is not acceptable
(Statement issued April 18, 2017)

Three centuries ago in the year 1722 our state of Louisiana performed its first recorded legal execution. Since that act we have dealt with this stain of the death penalty carried out by our state in the names of its citizens. This current legislative session allows us in a renewed way to move beyond this dark reality of our state’s history and toward a state that affirms life without exception. Therefore the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops unequivocally supports both Senator Claitor’s SB 142 and Representatives Landry and Pylant’s HB 101.