Catholic Charities, USA

For more information and more resources from Catholic Charities, USA, go to

Catholic Relief Services

A program of the United States Catholic Church to reach out in solidarity to the rest of the world.  The Annual Appeal supports overseas projects in 96 countries.  A recent example is the huge response that CRS made to the tsunami in Dec. 2004.  If you would like more info on CRS in general, go to or  If you would like more info on the tsunami response, go to

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is an annual collection to support empowerment of people in the United States. Grants and loans for economic development and community organization are available. The grants from the national office are available from mid-August to Oct. 31, each year.  Go to and then access "grants."  Click on "eligibility quiz," and determine if you can qualify to apply for a grant. 

Operation Rice Bowl

An annual parish/school program during Lent collecting funds to send to help overseas projects help vicitms of poverty and natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.  To donate send your check to Diocese of Alexandria (marked with Operation Ricebowl), P.O. Box 7417, Alexandria, LA  71306-0417.  One quarter of the collection stays in the diocese to help groups working with the poor.  For more information contact Debbie Metoyer at (318) 445-6424, ext. 202.

Central Louisiana Interfaith Committee

Work closely with the Central Louisiana Interfaith Sponsoring Committee for social change. Contact Lady Carlson at (318) 448-3026.


Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital is taking the lead in our area in the LaCHIP program (Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program).  For more information, contact Lin Stewart at Christus.  Catholic Community Services also has application forms for LaCHIP. 

Justice for Immigrants

To learn about Immigration, go to  This website will give you the up to date information on the Catholic Church's teachings on immigration.