The Diocese of Alexandria is committed to providing youth with ample opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ in ways such as gathering at rallies and coming together for retreats. We strive to provide our youth with resources to support them in their faith journey. Our office also seeks to ensure that the youth of our Diocese are led by men and women who are faithful to their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ by providing training opportunities for leaders and youth ministers.

For those interested in volunteering their time to serve our youth, please contact our office as we have many opportunities of service with the different events.


Here's what's going on in the Youth Office!

For more information, click on the following Youth events:

- November 19 - 21, 2015: NCYC(National Catholic Youth Conference)



Note: For National Conferences - NCYC happens on odd ending years and NCCYM happens on even ending years.


See the Diocesan Calendar for a listing of events and resources available.


National Catholic Conference for Youth Ministers(NCCYM) 2012

As a resource for our youth ministers and for those who were not able to attend this conference, we have obtained the recorded keynotes and workshops. To see a description of these talks, click here for NCCYM 2012 Talks.


Please contact our office to obtain specific talk(s) by calling 318-445-6424 Ext 221 or email us at cnorris@diocesealex.org.