The Diocese of Alexandria was established originally as the Diocese of Natchitoches on July 29, 1853. It was later transferred to Alexandria on August 6, 1910. 

St. Joseph Catholic Center








Diocese of Alexandria

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 7417  •  Alexandria, LA 71306-0417

Physical Location: 4400 Coliseum Blvd  •  Alexandria, LA 71303-3597

Receptionist: (318) 445-2401

Auto-attendant: (318) 445-6424

Toll Free: (866) 447-7088

FAX: (318) 448-6121

At the St. Joseph Catholic Center building you will find these offices and ministries: 

Tribunal, ext. 262 or 263

Archives, ext. 202

Vicar General's Office, ext. 202

Chancellor's Office, ext. 202

Bishop's Office, ext. 201

Catholic Charities/Special Ministries and Projects, ext. 213

Business Office, ext. 215

Catholic Schools Office, ext. 227

Child Nutrition, ext. 232

Hispanic Ministry, ext. 258

Office of Religions Formation and Training, ext. 221

The Church Today, ext. 255

Development and Public Affairs, ext. 209

Coordinating Staff

Diocesan Bishop:

Most Rev. Ronald P. Herzog

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext. 201

Fax: 318-767-1230

Email: rherzog [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Vicar General:

Rev. Scott Chemino, J.C.L., V.G.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext. 223

Email: frschemino [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Episcopal Vicar for Administration:

Rev. Bruce Miller, J.C.L., E.V., J.V.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 261

Fax: 318-767-0872

Email: frbmiller [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Chief Financial Officer:

David Brook

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 215

Email: dbrook [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Director of Catholic Charities and Special Ministries:

Fr. Rick Gremillion

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext. 226

Email: frgrem [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Superintendent of Catholic Schools:

Thomas Roque, Sr.

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 227

Email: troque [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Director of Development and Public Affairs:

Ann Masden

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 209

Email: amasden [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Director of Religious Formation and Training (Steubenville Conference):

Christina Theriot

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 221

Email: ctheriot [at] diocesealex [dot] org


Rev. Chad Partain, Chancellor

Tel. 318-445-6424 Ext. 228

Email: frcpartain [at] diocesealex [dot] org

Secretary to the Bishop:

Deborah Deorosan

Tel: 318-445-6424 Ext: 201

Fax: 318-767-1230

Email: ddeorosan [at] diocesealex [dot] org